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About the roots of Music City

“The deep and vibrant connection between Irish music and Nashville is at the core of this city’s very identity.”

The journey of Celtic music and culture to America has long been recognized in the creation of our unique heritage and the birth of the world-famous bluegrass and country music for which Nashville is known. Our roots are undeniably found in the musical wealth of Irish and Scots-Irish music and we are proud to embrace this beautiful inheritance.

Today we celebrate and continue the tradition with the gathering that is Music City Irish Fest, the premier event that brings Nashville’s stars and the world’s best Celtic musicians together in the heart of this famous city to collaborate, create and commemorate their shared love of art and culture. The chemistry and magic of the live collaborations take center stage and is something that echoes the likes of the Transatlantic sessions, bringing that experience back to Nashville among the legendary venues and stages that inspire artists the world over. There is no other city that can offer both the newest and oldest strains of tradition a place to revel in the national spotlight and delight audiences, all with the local vibe and surroundings of undeniable character.

“Come and be a part of a living history that welcomes all to share in its rich and evolving journey, from the shores of Ireland and Scotland to the buzzing streets of Nashville.”